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Heritage Falls Estates Estates
fireplaced, cozy, & nostalgic .

39 Mill St. E. Rochester, NH

37 Mill St. East Rochester, NH
39 Mill St. E. Rochester, NH

Left Side Unit #39 Mill St
Left Side Unit #39 Mill St

Rochester Lilac City Website

* Take Ownership now by RENTING TO OWN
* Build Equity and Leverage To Own in 2-3 years.
* LOW Option Fee
* HOW THE LEASE OPTION WORKS for Approved Candidates;

* Instead of the simple rent of $1,150 + Utilities, see below.

*Low Option Fee: A one-time $1,500 option fee will be paid to Property Owner to hold a purchase option open and prevent the owner from listing the property for sale up until 3 month’s prior to any lease expiration.  Additionally, to keep option current, the tenant/buyer will pay a 10% premium above normal rent totalling $1,265.50.  

*Option Exercisability: The option may not be exercised prior to two years from the initial lease date.

* Reduction in Purchase Price: If exercised, Owner will reduce the purchase price by the amount paid with the initial option price.  

*Purchase Price Determination: The purchase price will be determined upon a 1% increase per year of the current purchase price which is $149,900 (thus – in year II it would be $151,399, in Year II would be 1% on top of that amount, etc.).  

* Application of Future Equity to Purchase Price: ALL OF OWNER’S ADDITIONAL EQUITY MAY BE APPLIED TOWARD TENANT BUYER’S FINANCING THE PROPERTY (thus if property appreciates 10% after year one and the option has been kept current, The Parties may leverage Owner’s additional $13,491 of equity as an equitable down payment on the property, etc.). 

* WHY IS NOW THE BEST TIME?  It is a GREAT market to lease option, because we are in a DOWN market as we were after the "cold war contracts" ended and job losses in defense-contracted companies dampened the Mid-1990's economy (G.E. Pratton Whitney, Raytheon, etc.).  We now stand to GAIN SUBSTANTIALLY which is why the Lease Option is available.  This will not be offered in the "up-markets".

Appraised for 186,000 (view here)


                    3 Bedroom, 1 bath, W/D INCLUDED (can have 1st floor or basement)
* Shed
* Close to everything!
* Hardwood and Wide-Pine Floored Kitchen.
* Gas wood stove.
* Wide Pine Halls and Living Room.
* Large Eat-in Kitchen. New countertops.
* Rear private Deck.
* 3 Bedrooms.
* Washer and Dryer - FIRST Floor laundry (or basement - your choice)
* Nostalgic appointments and accents throughout.
* Fresh colors, antiquated-but-modern country kitchen.
* New lighting and ceiling fans.
* LARGE Back yard (for garden or children)
* Own workshop shed.
* Newer furnace and water heater (few years)
* Pet potentials.
* Basement.
* Fastest growing Town in NH (good for values).
* BEAUTIFUL Brick down-town over a river. Restaurants, cafe's, shops - right off Rural Routes 125, 11, and 202 just off high-way.
* Close to Lovely South Berwick
- Free Lovely Housewarming gift *

* Conveient to DownEaster Dover Train to Boston!





LONNNG Back Yard + Includes Shed + Deck

Back Yard - Deck, Shed


Melissa Lesniak: Realtor

Keller Williams Coastal Realty
The Melissa Lesniak Group - Real Estate & Rentals
501 Islington Street, Unit 2
Portsmouth, NH 03801
603-610-8571 office
603-475-7476 cell
603-610-8550 fax

Licensed in NH & Maine
NH Notary Public